Ready to get your Pilates practice started? Then why not join us for our upcoming...

4 Week Beginner Pilates Series $119

Tuesdays 10.30am January 28th - Feb 18th 



In these small and personalised classes, you'll be learning the fundamentals of the Classical Pilates technique on a range of Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Tower, Chair and Barrels

It's a great way to get started with Pilates in a professional and fun atmosphere.

Because we don't offer these classes very often, make sure to book your spot before it sells out! 

About Us

Our approach to Pilates is traditional. Old-school. Authentic.  

No noisy, crowded classes with music and teachers circulating with headsets telling you ‘just 10 more reps’. The mind-body connection created in Authentic Pilates needs a quiet place, where you can still the mind, feel the movements in your body and get stronger.  

Your posture and the way you move will change for the better, you’ll have more vitality and feel younger. Pilates is an individual journey so we guide you along the way with challenges suitable to your body. Our classes are small and personalised, our teachers highly experienced and well trained.  

Our boutique studio in Blackwood is the most fully equipped studio in South Australia and one of only a few Authentic Pilates studios in Australasia.  

We feel very proud to carry on the tradition of the Pilates method the way it was intended by it’s creator Joseph Pilates.  

What our clients are saying...

The Pilates Studio Blackwood is my happy place! When I walk out after a lesson I feel taller, leaner and stronger A 5 star rating just doesn't do it justice. Go - you won't regret it!

 - Suzy

I would highly recommend The Pilates Studio Blackwood to anyone - whether you are recovering from injury, need to become more active, or are fit but want to be better!

- Matt